There's A Good Reason For The Podcast Being Cancelled

But the tutorials will continue

Despite our plans to bring the podcast back in March, we have a happy reason for not being able to do it.

My podcast co-host Adrian Eves has got a job at Apple. He won’t be able to continue as a host while he’s working there, and I (Rob) am not able to continue it without his help.

Congratulations to Adrian!

Here are the episodes of the podcast from last year:

It’s amazing that 2 out of the 3 of us that recorded the third episode, Natalia and now Adrian, are working at Apple.

I hope to make it there myself one day!

Although the old episodes of the podcast are now hosted here on Substack, it’s pretty obvious to all of you that this has not just been about the podcast.

I’m happy to continue writing tutorials here, but it should be clear that Adrian no longer has any involvement with Type Safely.

It feels like forever since I stopped writing Daily Coding Tips.

I know I promised somewhat regular tutorials for free subscribers, but I have a good reason too. I’m working hard to finish my degree, and the assignment deadlines are finally starting to die down now.

I should be able to resume writing SwiftUI tutorials in April, and by May I should be back to a regular schedule.

Thanks to everyone for sticking around, and I hope to bring you fresh content soon!